Lemon Juice Diet and Weight Loss

Lemon juices are popularly known for its rich concentration of vitamin C. This has been clinically proven effective to ward off colds. Further studies show that they have more benefits other than aiding cold ailments. Study shows that people who include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in their diet have better digestive system and have no problems of losing weight.

Conventional dieting proves to be a long journey towards a target to lose weight. Most of the time, it becomes frustrating as you hardly see the results of your diet. A leading health writer wrote that conventional diet tends to worsen the problems of losing weight and may aggravate the normal digestion of our body. With our digestive system not functioning properly, healthy weight loss is almost impossible to achieve. Poor digestion hinders the body to get the right nutrients it needs to get rid of those fats and flush it out of the system. Worst scenario may lead to toxin build up that affects our body’s mental and physical activities.

Here are some facts on Lemon juice diet and weight loss:

Fruit and vegetable juices actually help in restructuring the functions of our digestive system. Lemon juices are one of the best solutions. It has the natural ability to aid in our body’s digestive and detoxifying system.

They are rich in citric acids which is by far the highest concentration of all fruits. Citric acid merge with our system’s acids and enzymes, stimulating stomach juices which aids in the problem of digestion.

This diet is not a matter of restricting your intake to pure lemon diet. This is not advisable as you will lose all the energy required to last you for a day. With lemon juice diet you can still have a regular meal plan. You can even go ahead and add ice cream to your diet as there are no calories to be counted during the lemon juice diet program.

Lemon Juice is a proponent to a simple but healthy eating plans based on the principles of proper diet and nutrition as carbohydrates and proteins are essential for a balanced metabolism.

A proper lemon juice diet is a matter of adding juice or squirts or peels to your every meal or at least one meal a day. You may eat as much as you want but it is important to eat the right foods.

The Lemon juice diet program

• Adapt the principles of the food pyramid to come up with a healthy meal plan.
• Your lemon juice should be part of your daily meal plan.
• Get a good 30 minute aerobic exercise video program.

The main benefit provided by lemon juice diet is speedy weight loss secondary to a healthier life style. You initially lose about 3-4 pound a day. But with regular juice intake, weight loss averages to 1 pound a day and will maintain on a certain level where your body finds fit.

This diet program will help you achieve results in 5-6 weeks of regular exercise and proper food and juice intake. You will see dramatic result after the 1st week. You will feel lighter and healthier both mentally and physically. By the end of two weeks, see a considerable weight loss.